Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

Singer 4432 Review – What’s the Big Deal?

The Singer 4432 is a fantastic heavy duty machine that crafters flock to and rely on time and time again thanks to its durability and reliability. When it comes to purchasing sewing machines, it’s important to look into the well known brands and they don’t get much better than Singer.

A pioneer in sewing machines dating back to the 1800s, Singer has remained at the top of the market thanks to their advanced technology and high quality materials.

It’s easy to stumble across many cheaper sewing machines from lesser known brands but these are not made to last, however, Singer machines are made to last for years. But are you getting what you’re promised? We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the Singer 4432 so you can decide whether it is right for you. 

Singer 4432

What is the Singer 4432?

The Singer 4432 is a fantastic heavy duty sewing machine that is accessible and suitable for all abilities. Extremely versatile, the machine is sold at a great price point meaning that it is within the parameters for all budgets. It is a simpler model because it is not computerized but it is made to last a long time. 

One of the most popular models, you can rely on the machine to do a brilliant job thanks to the quality of the materials used in manufacturing and it is a great pick for those who want a sewing machine with no bells and whistles. Easy to set up and run, this machine is excellent for simply sewing. 

What is the Singer 4432 made from?

As the Singer 4432 is a heavy duty machine, it’s important to know what it is made from and what makes it such a strong and durable machine. The machine is made from a composite plastic exterior with an internal metal frame so you can be assured of its reliability. This structure allows the mechanisms to run consistently for long periods of time. 

Not only does the metal frame allow the machine to run consistently but it also provides stability and allows you to transport the machine without worrying about any damage. As well as the frame, the stainless steel bed plate allows the material to run through the machine smoothly, creating professional results every time.

Weighing 14.6 pounds, the machine is light enough to carry around while being heavy enough to keep the fabric sewing with little movement. It can, however, move the table thanks to the heavyweight in which case investing in a rubber mat to place underneath the machine will stop any damage occurring to your table and will make the machine even more controllable. 

Although the machine is heavy duty, it is not recommended for industrial use as there are more advanced machines for that. However, if you do own a small business and need a machine that is going to last years of continued hard wearing use then this is the perfect machine for you. 

Who can use the Singer 4432?

The great thing about the Singer 4432 is that it is suitable for sewers of all abilities. Whether you are a beginner who has never used a machine before or an advanced crafter who is looking for a heavy duty machine, this machine is a great choice.

As mentioned before, it is from Singer, one of the most renowned sewing machine brands in the world and the simplicity of the machine makes it perfect for all kinds of projects and the majority of materials can be used. 

If you are a beginner and have never used a machine before, it’s always advisable to read the instruction manual thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the basics to avoid any frustration when trying to set up the machine. 

Because of the machine’s simplicity, it’s easy to get used to it and comfortable with using it as it doesn’t have any computerized features or overwhelming numbers of stitches and designs in its memory.

What stitches does the Singer 4432 have?

The Singer 4432 has a total of 32 different stitches including six basic stitches, seven stretch stitches, one automatic buttonhole stitch and eighteen decorative stitches.

As you can see, it’s not as much as what computerized machines have but it is plenty for those who prefer a simple machine that covers the basics.

The various stitches are great for creating a variety of projects such as making clothes, home decor and alterations among many others. No matter where your interest lies and what your ability is, this machine has something for you.

Its ability to be used on a variety of fabrics from lightweight to heavy weighted fabrics makes it extremely versatile.

Some examples of the materials that you can use include vinyl, canvas, silk, nylon and denim as well as the usual suspects of cotton, lawn and polyester.

Bear in mind that if you are sewing on thicker fabrics or multiple layers then you will need to use a thicker needle such as a wedge point size 18 to avoid any breakage or damage to the equipment, fabric or the machine itself. 

Advantages of the Singer 4432

The Singer 4432 has an incredible array of advantages with the main being that it is a heavy duty machine meaning that it has complete stability and durability making it perfect for those who rely on their machine for income.

The machine also comes equipped with all of the accessories that you need to get started so if you are a beginner who has never used a machine before, you needn’t worry as you can set up the machine as soon as it arrives. 

Another great advantage is that it is a reverse stitch sewing machine meaning that it has a built in reverse lever so you can easily sew in both reverse and reinforce stitches to secure your work. With 110 different stitch applications, the possibilities are endless and the variety of projects you can do will seek to expand your skill set in no time. 

The third advantage is that it comes with a limited 90 day warranty for adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs and attachments as well as a 2 year warranty for the motor so you can have peace of mind when you purchase the machine. 

What are the disadvantages of the Singer 4432?

The main disadvantage of the Singer 4432 is that it is not computerized which may put off some sewers who prefer the more modern styles that have a wider array of features.

The machine is an extremely simple model which means that it is limited when compared to computerized machines. 

What is the machine’s performance like?

Because of its heavy duty structure, the Singer 4432 accommodates an extremely powerful motor that runs at around 60% more powerful than the average machine.

This means that it can run at faster speeds with the maximum sewing speed being 1,100 stitches per minute. High speed stitching makes it ideal for 1) those who are more advanced and 2) small business owners who have large orders to complete by deadlines 3) those who do a lot of long seam stitching (comforters, duvets, drapery, etc.).

The speed is controlled by the pressure applied to the foot pedal so you can choose your speed according to your ability. If you’re a beginner, always start off at a slower speed and then build your speed as your confidence and skill set increases.

With an automatic needle threader and a drop in bobbin system, the machine is incredibly easy and quick to set up. The easiness and convenience of the automatic threader means that you don’t have to spend lots of time trying to set up the machine and straining your eyes. This is particularly helpful for beginners who have never used a machine before. 

Is the Singer 4432 portable?

The Singer 4432 weighs around 14.6 pounds which is mainly due to the heavy duty metal frame which makes it great whilst you are sewing as the machine easily stays in place.

Although it is quite a weighty machine, it’s not actually too heavy to the point where you can’t take it around making it great for those who attend sewing classes or travel a lot. 

What comes with the Singer 4432?

As well as the machine, you are provided with an array of accessories so you are equipped with everything you need to get started.

If you’re a more advanced sewer and have owned your own machine before then you may have some of the accessories but it’s always handy to have some spare accessories in case you need them. However, for beginners, this accessory kit saves you from having to fork out any more money on any more items for your sewing machine.

The accessories you get with the Singer 4432 are: a quilting guide, lint brush, seam ripper, needles and bobbins which are the basics that you need.

For the actual machine itself you also receive a soft cover, screwdriver, auxiliary spool pin, power cord, spool pin felt, foot control mechanism and a detailed instruction manual. This is everything you need to get the machine set up and running with ease.

As always, there are other accessories available such as different sized needles to cater for thicker materials that you can always buy but using the accessories that come with the machine is always a wise starting point as you can familiarize yourself with the basics before trying anything difficult. 

You receive four feet with the machine according to what kind of sewing you are doing. The one that you will be using the most if the All purpose foot as it can be used for regular sewing on any kind of material. The other feet provided are the Buttonhole foot, Zipper foot and Button sewing foot which are self explanatory. For those who haven’t used the different feet before, the instructions on how to use them are explained in detail in the manual. 

Does the Singer 4432 come with any warranty or after sales service?

The Singer 4432 come with a limited 25 year warranty, like all Singer machines. The 25 year warranty is for the sewing machine head itself but does come with a limited 90 day warranty for adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs and attachments as well as a limited 2 years for motors, light assembly, wiring, switches, speed control and electronic components. If you are in doubt about anything then always be sure to read the fine print that comes with the machine. 

In terms of any after sales service, Singer does have a technical support and customer service team who are more than happy to assist you should you need any technical advice or assistance.

A lot of times, beginner sewers may think the machine is broken or not working properly when in fact it’s just something that is new to the machine owner. Give the customer support line a call should you encounter any issues. Nine times out of ten, an issue with a new machine can be resolved over the phone and there is no need to return it.

The Finishing Touch (a.k.a. Our Final Thoughts)

In conclusion, the Singer 4432 is a fantastic machine because it provides heavy duty capabilities for years of use at a great price point. Extremely versatile, you can use the machine to create a wide range of projects using various materials and it comes with everything you need to get started.

Coming from Singer, you can be assured that this is a product that is designed to bring the highest quality as it has been designed and manufactured from the best in the field and the heavy duty frame allows you to use it for long periods of time without wearing the machine out.

When compared to other similar sewing machines, the variety of stitches available and the capabilities that this machine has is above the market in quality and accessibility. Feel free to read our direct comparison to the Singer 4423 for some examples.

It’s a machine that comes with no bells and whistles which is ideal for those who want a simple machine that isn’t hard to use and requires little to no fuss. Easy to maintain and set up, the Singer 4432 is always going to be a safe bet whatever you want to get out from your sewing machine. 

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