Singer Tradition 2277

A Heads-up About the Singer 2277 Tradition Sewing Machine

The Singer 2277 is an entry-level, user-friendly, mechanical sewing machine that covers the basics. This machine is fantastic for beginners but may not be the best choice for experienced sewists. 

Because it’s simple and very user-friendly, new sewists can get up and running immediately. For experienced fabric artists, on the other hand, it may be too simplistic. Let’s take a quick look at some highlights and then dive in to a full review so you can decide if it’s worth your purchase.


Built-in Stitches23 
ButtonholeAutomatic, 1-step
Free ArmYes, included.
Needle PositionsMultiple available.
Twin NeedleYes, included.
Width/Length AdjustmentYes, included.
Internal FrameMetal frame.
Warranty25 years limited.

The above table gives you a breakdown of what this machine offers. But before you start rubbing your hands together and getting out all your fabrics, we want to answer some of the most prominent sewing questions for you so that you know if this machine is really suited to you and your needs. 

Singer 2277

Is it Suitable for Beginners?

The first and foremost pressing question is whether or not this product is good for beginners. Some sewing machines target professional sewists, whereas others target beginner sewists. This machine is the latter. Definitely designed for beginners.

This machine is classified into the beginner-level sewing machine group, meaning that the machine is built to best accommodate people who have just started sewing and are still learning to sew. It covers all the basic sewing needs for new and beginner sewists. Including 23 built-in stitches as well as a fully automated one-step buttonhole so you have everything you need, in a nice and easy-to-use setup. 

Hence, if you are a beginner who is looking to get a machine that is at the same level as you, this is the perfect one. 


When you buy a sewing machine you also need to consider space, if you even actually have enough space for it. This machine is categorized as a full-sized machine.

It is wider than more compact machines and therefore it gives you more space to be able to work with fabric. This is primarily so that beginners can get an easy sewing experience as they learn and develop their skills. 

Full-sized machines are also more flexible to handle a wider range of sewing applications. However, despite its full-size categorization this machine does not require a huge amount of space to be able to store it. The overall dimensions of this machine are 38.1cm wide (15”) x 15.7cm in length (6.2), and 30.5cm in height (12”). 

This means that this machine will easily fit on a desk, or in a spare table corner in your home. And it is mobile because it is not heavy, only weighing 16.3lbs. This means it is portable enough for you to be able to move it around easily should you need to do so.

These dimensions mean that it is perfect for a sewing student who is taking classes, who may need to carry their machine to class with them. 

What is even better about this sewing machine is that even though it is portable it does not shift during the sewing process, so you do not need to fear any wobble. You can expect to get high-quality stitches without having to spend any energy on keeping the machine still while you do so.

Features, Accessories, and Considerations

Now that we know about the dimensions, let’s have a look at what features and accessories this machine has to offer. 

Keep in mind that since this machine is targeted towards beginner users, it must be easy to operate while also maintaining the number of manual adjustments that users can do with it. 

Free Arm

This machine includes a free arm. To work with difficult-to-reach small, circular pieces of fabric you will need to snap off the area below the needle to access the free arm. When you are done with it you can then snap it off the area below the needle to access the free arm. 

Once you are done, you can then snap it back on and work on other pieces of fabric. Although the free arm is pretty useless if you are sewing along any straight pieces of fabric, it is very useful for handling curved fabrics, things such as; collars, cuffs, and so on. 

Foot Pedal

Similar to any other modern sewing machine, this one comes with a standard foot pedal it is much like the on and off button for the machine.

You can ergonomically use the foot to start and stop sewing. Being the perfect solution for sewists as it frees up your hand to assist in other sewing operations. 

Presser Feet

This machine only really comes with basic feet supplies. You get the all-purpose presser foot, buttonhole, zipper, and a foot also for sewing buttons. This set of sewing feet will give you enough to do just fine with any regular sewing projects.

However, for more advanced projects you may need to purchase additional presser feet. Hence, this machine is targeted towards beginners. 

Although, if you do find yourself needing to buy additional feet, such as a quarter-inch foot, hopping foot, or a blind hem foot, make sure that they are compatible with the Singer Tradition 2277. 

Stitches Available 

The Singer 2277 has 23 built-in stitches available. 

You can sew reverse stitches by pushing the reverse lever to reinforce and secure the thread in the fabric at the beginning and end of the stitching line. 

Adjustability of the Stitch Length and Width

The maximum length that you can use is 4mm, and the maximum width is 5mm. A longer stitch length can be very useful if you are working on heavier fabrics, then again if you have a lightweight fabric, thread, and needle, you should use a smaller stitch length. 

This applies versatility to your stitches and your projects, allowing you to sew heavy materials even as a beginner. 

Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole Ability

The Singer 2277 has a fully automatic one-step buttonhole feature where you can easily set the locations of the buttonholes, place the fabric into the machine, and let it do its thing. It is a really easy process, fully automated, and very beginner-friendly. 


One thing that any sewist will find themselves doing a lot in their sewing is winding thread into the bobbin, that is why it helps to have an automatic bobbin winding feature. It can save you plenty of time and just makes your life so much easier.

All that you need to do is pop the bobbin into the slot and then let the machine wind the thread into the bobbin. It is as easy as breathing. 

Auto Needle Threader

While sewing is not the easiest of activities, once you pick it up, get used to the routines and get a feel for it, you can do it over and over again without having any problems or hurdles to overcome. But if you’ve done much sewing in your time, you will know that the one thing that never gets easier, is needle threading.

No matter how many times you have done it, those thin threads always seem to enjoy evading you. You could make it as easy as possible for them and they will always find their way through the tiny holes at the needles. It can be insanely frustrating. 

Thankfully the Singer 2277 Tradition machine has an automatic needle threader. You can simply use this to thread your needles instead. It is a small built-in device near the needle that will swing right through the eye of the needle and will help you get the thread right where you need it. 

To thread the machine, you need to raise the needle, then press the lever down. Make sure the auto threader sewing piece is in place for the threader. Then simply pass the thread around the hook of the threader and move the lever towards the needle. Ta-da! Your needle is now threaded! 

If you haven’t used one before it may take some time to get used to it, but it will really be a dream come true for you to have one. Sewing will be so much easier with this piece of kit. And, not only does it save you a lot of time, getting your needle threaded in a blink of an eye.

It will also save you from the hardcore eye strain that you get from staring that needle in the face as you try to thread it.

Compatible Fabrics

As this machine is a general full-sized sewing machine, it is compatible with a whole wide range of fabrics, of all weights and thicknesses, ranging from the thinnest silk you can think up, to the thickest denim. (Maybe not multiple laters of thick fabrics though.)

However, note that different fabrics may need different needles. Not all needles can tackle all fabrics right off the bat, so you should make sure that you have the correct needle for the fabric you are working with. 

Some fabrics may need specialty needles, threads, and special presser feet, hence, you may need to purchase these separately if they are not included in the machine’s supply. Consult the manual that you get with your machine for information on these specifications. 

If you are not sure you can always try a needle combination with a sample of test fabric before you sew the main fabric, to help you get the optimum stitch quality, balanced tension and to ensure that overall, you are getting what you want from this.

You may not get excellent results, for example, if you were to use it for multiple layers of thick fabrics, and it may not be the best machine for materials like leather. 

Is the Thread Tension Adjustable?

When you are looking to determine the quality of your stitches across different fabrics, you need to choose the right needle but you also need to consider thread tension.

You can choose one of the settings for the thread tension, and then the machine will adjust this automatically to fit the fabric that you are working on. 

Is the Pressure Foot Pressure Adjustable?

In short, No. Similar to tension control the machine will automatically adjust this to suit the fabric you are using.

Automatic settings are easier for beginner sewists, so this avoids the need to worry about getting the right tension for each different fabric.

What is Not Supported? Is There Anything Missing?

Be aware that there is no auto control for the needle stop position. (needle up/down control), there is also no automatic back tacks or auto thread trimming. 


The machine uses a plastic casing, however, the core of the machine is a heavy-duty metal. The skeleton holds the mechanisms in perfect position and makes sure you will have a skip-free sewing machine that is long-lasting a durable.

It also comes with a solid 25 years limited warranty, which alone shows manufacturer confidence. This is a very reliable machine for sewist newbies! 

The Finishing Touch (a.k.a. Our Final Thoughts)

There are lots of great sewing machines out there but the affordability of the Singer 2277 makes it a great choice for those wanting to test the sewing waters without risking too much. With lots of good points with plenty of features for a first-time machine, this is a great overall machine for beginners.

Happy sewing!

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