Singer 20U109 Complete Industrial Sewing Machine Review

Singer 20U109 Review: Is a Powerful Industrial Machine Worth the Purchase?

When it comes to sewing machines, we all want one that’s built to last, don’t we? Especially if it’s going to be part of our business!

Whether you are starting a side hustle or looking to replace a domestic sewing machine, industrial-style machines are a popular choice we bet you have already considered. 

They are strong, durable, and capable of excellent speeds that will allow you to tailor suits or hem dresses in no time! But which one is the best? There is a range of sewing machines on the market claiming to be the best, making your decision challenging! 

You might have found yourself scrolling for hours, unsure what stitch speed rate and foot pedal you need. But you can stop your stress scrolling now! For we have found the machine that we think could be the answer to all your prayers. 

Enter the Singer 20U109. An industrial-grade sewing machine that makes straight and zig-zag stitching a breeze! A classic, but a firm favorite from one of the biggest brands on the market, this could be the sewing machine for you! 

Want to find out more? Well, keep on reading! 

Singer 20U109 Complete Industrial Commercial-Grade Zigzag and Straight-Stitch Sewing Machine


In a hurry? Let’s take a look at all you need to know about the Singer 20U so you can grab your sewing machine and go!  

  • The industrial sewing machine is excellent for tailors, dressmakers, drapery specialists, teachers, and upholstery work! 
  • Strong and durable free-standing machine 
  • Large sewing machine with an extending arm (11.75 inches)
  • Large tabletop measuring 50 inches by 22.5 inches 
  • Fast, capable of 2,500 stitches per minute (straight or zig-zag)! 
  • The drawer is full of added extras such as foot pedals and bobbins
  • The reverse lever allows for stitches to be locked into place. 
  • The stitch length and width can be adjusted quickly. 
  • The needle tension and position are adjustable too
  • A sturdy H-Leg stand keeps the machine stable even during fast work
  • Presser foot pressure can be adjusted to suit your needs
  • The needle bar frame clamp device delivers better sewing quality
  • No need to learn an additional bobbin winding method
  • Detailed instruction manual included (PDF version available also)
  • Great for a range of fabrics, including thick  denim, leather, canvas, fur, suede, and vinyl
  • The heavy-duty motor is great for domestic and commercial use
  • The attached knee lift allows for hands-free raising and lowering of the presser foot
  • Warranty is only applicable when the machine is used at 110V (in the US and Canada) 
  • Arrives completely assembled 
  • Expensive sewing machine 

Does that sound like the machine for you? If so, you can head over to Amazon and check out the current price here. Prefer more information? Just keep on reading for a detailed and in-depth review of this industrious sewing machine!


Let’s take a closer look at some of those fantastic features we mentioned that the Singer 20U109 has to offer! 

The Singer 20U109 comes wholly assembled, saving you the job of hunting for screwdrivers! It arrives with a head, motor, and single pedal stand ready to be threaded and used as soon as you are ready! 

Stitch Speed

What sets this sewing machine apart from other manual sewing machines is its stitch speed. Singers 20U109 is capable of performing 2,500 stitches per minute, allowing you to complete pieces easily!

This speed is up to 4 times faster than a conventional domestic sewing machine! Imagine how quickly you can work! 

The sewing machine can maintain these speeds while stitching a straight or zig-zag stitch too! Great for a range of pieces you might be creating. 

What Can I Adjust?

The Singer 20U109 comes with lots of adjustable features that will allow you to tailor the sewing machine to your needs!

You can adjust both the length and width of your stitch! There is a maximum length of 5 mm for your straight stitch and 9mm for a zigzag stitch. This will allow you to have the best length for you and your work.

You can also adjust the needle position! You can choose three positions from which will allow you to work on a range of projects. You will be able to insert zippers, cording, and work on topstitching without any issues! 

As well as the needle position, you can adjust the tension of the needle too! Adjusting the tension ensures a stable stitch on any type of fabric!  This is an excellent feature for those wanting to undertake any unique projects! 

The presser foot pressure is also adjustable! This is a fantastic feature that will provide you with great flexibility when it comes to your creations. You can adjust the presser against the feed dogs to allow you to sew a range of fabrics with ease! 

Reverse Lever

Singer’s 20U109 also features a reverse lever. This allows you to reverse your stitches and lock them in place. It provides added strength and durability to your work, avoiding unraveling threads!


The motor on the Singer 20U109 is an incredibly powerful one! Not only does it allow you to access insane stitch speeds, but it also provides the strength to pierce a range of thick materials effortlessly.

You can stitch through leather, denim, fur, canvas, and many other thick materials worry-free! 

The motor is fantastic for those wanting an industrial strength sewing machine. It boasts ⅓ more horsepower than domestic machines and is designed to last for years of extended use.

This machine is built to last, with a motor that can handle high-speed stitching through multiple layers of fabric all day, every day! 

Knee Lifter

What’s great about this machine is the attached knee lifter that provides hands-free raising or lowering the presser foot. This feature is fantastic for sewing through multiple layers of fabric.

The knee lifter offers a lift of 9mm (0.35 inches), allowing more layers of fabric to be sewn through compared to smaller, domestic machines. When not in use, the traditional presser foot will still allow for a lift.

You can raise it 6.35mm (0.25 inches) to work on thicker fabrics or multiple layers of them. 

You can adjust the knee lifter so that it will operate stitch width too! When using the knee lifter, you can move it from left to right, tapering the stitch as you desire.

Talk Bobbin to Me

You can rest easy knowing that your bobbin will still be wound the same way you do so on a domestic Singer sewing machine. Instructions on winding your bobbin will be in the included instruction manual to help you should you need a refresher! 

Needle Bar Frame Clamp Device

Singer’s 20U109 machine features a needle bar frame clamp device that helps provide a better sewing result. When working with straight stitches, you can lock the needle bar frame in place; you can do this with the immovable clamping device on the machine’s left side.

When completing zig-zag stitches, this clamp should be released. This will allow your stitches to be done with ease. 

H-Leg Stand

The stand of the sewing machine features H legs to offer a safe and stable sewing space. The legs work to ensure the machine remains sturdy even when the machine is sewing fast.

You can also adjust the height of the stand to suit your needs! Choose whether you want to stand or sit down while you work, thanks to its adjustability. You also get a tan laminate top that is incredibly durable. 

Added Extras

As we have previously discussed, your sewing machine will arrive assembled and ready to go! But do you get any added extras that Singer is known for providing? Yes, yes, you do! 

You get a range of great added extras that will be great for sewers! You get a zigzag foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, straight-stitch foot, hemmer foot, a pack of needles, and needle plates for straight stitching and zigzag.

But wait, we aren’t done there; you also get feed dogs for straight and zigzag stitching, two bobbins, oiler, machine rest pin, a range of screwdrivers, thread unwinder spool caps, and two thread unwinder spool nets. 

That is a massive amount of included accessories! It’s great for those in need of new extras or spares! Whether you are setting up your first industrial sewing machine or replacing a previous model, the singer 20U109 is a fantastic choice!

These accessories can be found and stored in an included accessory storage drawer. This is located on the left side of the table for your convenience. No more will you be struggling to reach for your bobbins!

Is it Versatile?

The Singer 20U109 is an incredibly versatile machine that is great for a range of creations and designs. As we have mentioned earlier, you can stitch both straight and zigzag stitches quickly and easily through various fabrics.

Thanks to its features and added extras, you can complete applique, buttonhole stitching, freehand embroidery, narrow hemming, and adding cords and zippers to your work. 

You will create a wide range of pieces on smaller domestic machines that would be complicated, fiddly, and time-consuming. Why not invest in the Singer 20U109 and save yourself some time?

How Big is the Machine?

As you will have seen in our overview, the Singer 20U109 is a large sewing machine! But just how large is it? The product dimensions are listed as 20 x 20 x 40 inches making it a giant sewing machine that would be well suited to a craft room or office. 

It is a free-standing machine, so be sure you have ample space for it in your home before purchasing the machine. Thanks to its size, the machine is excellent for larger creations, be it clothing or upholstery work; you are sure to have plenty of space. 

The tabletop itself measures 50 inches in length and 22.5 inches in width, with plenty of space for a wide range of creations! The arm of the machine can be extended, too, offering ample space while you work.

It can be extended to 11.75 inches, making it a fantastic option for those working on larger creations. 

It’s heavy too, weighing 200lbs. You might need to ask for assistance when it comes to maneuvering into your home and setting it up in the correct place. Once installed in your home, we recommend leaving it in that location to avoid the hassle of lugging it around your home. 

Noise Levels

As with any sewing machine, there is going to be some noise. Heavy-duty sewing machines such as the 20U109 will generate noise as they are working fast and incredibly hard to pierce thicker materials. 

Generally, customers did not complain about the noise levels of this sewing machine. Do not expect it to be a silent operation, but it should be no louder than any other industrial sewing machine.

However, some customers did note that the clutch motor was noisy and ran continuously when powered on. 

This issue was not widely reported, and we would encourage you to contact Singer directly if your sewing machine begins to make any concerning noises. 


It is worth noting that the sewing machine warranty only covers use in the US and Canada at 110V. Using the sewing machine on a higher voltage can impact any warranty the machine comes with. 

Singers 20U109 is backed by Singer’s usual 25-year limited warranty period! The extended warranty not only shows their fantastic trust in the product but reassures you that should anything happen, you are covered. 

Be sure to check the warranty though, as separate warranties cover different sections of the machine. Some information was not available online, so be sure to contact Singer directly if you have any questions about their warranty period. 

You will get a detailed instruction manual with your sewing machine that will help you get to grips with all of its functions and features. There is also a PDF version available to download for free, so you can always have it to hand! 

Alongside this, there are a wealth of tutorials and forum sites online that can help you with any queries or concerns you may have about your sewing machine. 

How Much?

The Singer 20U is not cheap. It is an expensive sewing machine that is probably not best suited for beginners. Thanks to its industrious design and super speedy stitching, we would recommend advanced sewers or those using it for a business. 

If you have the budget, it is a machine worth considering. The speeds alone will allow you to create pieces quicker than other machines on the market. The bench-style also allows ample room for larger creations that smaller domestic machines cannot handle. 

It is worth considering what your budget is when purchasing your new sewing machine. Be sure that your budget is realistic and will cover what you need from your machine. It can also be useful to consider how often you will use the sewing machine and its purpose. 

If you are going to get years of use from it, why not invest in a durable and industrious machine?

The Finishing Touch (a.k.a. Our Final Thoughts)

And just like that, we have reached the end of our review. Don’t you feel better about your purchase now you have read that?

As you will have seen, the Singer 20U109 has lots of fantastic features that make it an excellent choice for those looking to expand their business or develop their craft.

While it is not cheap, the machine provides an ideal working environment and fast stitching that has made it a popular choice. 

It is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create a wide range of pieces, and thanks to its incredible durability, it is likely to be the last industrial-grade sewing machine you ever buy! 

Are you convinced? Check current pricing, read more reviews and consider purchasing the Singer 20U109 here!

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