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11 Best Sites for Online Sewing Classes

Looking for a sewing classes? COVID quarantine has sewing machines flying off the shelves. But now that you have a machine, what do you do with it? 

Online sewing classes are a great place to start. My mom has been part of a quilting guild for years and loves to take in-person classes. When quarantine orders started, she had to resort to online classes. To her surprise, the classes were fantastic. All of a sudden her favorite sewing shops were offering classes online, which made it possible (and super easy) to take classes with her favorite “sewlebrity” teachers that are located clear across the country. If you can’t travel and get to your class, get your class to you! Unexpected silver lining of the lockdown. Hey, we’ll take it!

Here is our curated list of sewing classes to get you started or take your skills to the next level. Each sewing class listed here is available online. You can get started asap, progress at your own pace and you don’t even have to leave the house. We start with broader educational websites that offer specialized sewing classes and work our way down to the more niche resources. Whatever you prefer, you’ll find something to inspire you and take you further on your sewing journey.


Udemy screenshot

Udemy is a database of classes across many categories. You can find virtually anything you are looking for on this site. They offer sewing classes for beginners to help you get to know your machine and learn the basics. Tons of “how to” classes – tote bags, cushions, how to work with patterns, how to use a serger, how to work with difficult fabrics and more. They go deeper into different categories too like fashion design, embroidery, pattern design and how to build a sewing business. If you are already familiar with Udemy, definitely check out their catalogue of sewing classes.



Skillshare is an online learning community that offers countless creative classes across many categories. In addition to sewing, they offer many classes on design, photography, gardening and illustration, to name a few. One of their most popular sewing classes is “Quick and Dirty Sewing: Machine Crash Course.” Sounds like a fun and inviting sewing class for beginners right?

Along with classes, Skillshare offers workshops that include a curated set of classes that you can join with other students so you can share feedback and insights. You’ll follow a calendar and get prompts to help you stay focused too. Skillshare has a 14 day free trial and then a subscription is required to continue accessing the classes. It’s $8.25/month if you sign up to be billed annually or $19/month if you prefer monthly billing. The cool thing with Skillshare is being able to access all different types of creative classes.



Craftsy makes it easy to learn new skills through tailored project kits and sewing classes. Like the above mentioned sites, Craftsy also offers a wide array of classes across categories but Craftsy categories are more specific to the “maker” sector including sewing, crocheting, knitting, quilting and more. Craftsy offers newsletters and live events to boost the interaction too. Subscriptions are $7.99/month of save some cash ($15.89) by going with the $79.99/year plan. Alternatively, you can purchase a class a la carte for $9.99.

Creative Bug


Creativebug gives you unlimited access to arts and craft classes in the comfort of your own home – or wherever you want to take your laptop. Their secret sauce is their instructors – all of whom are artists, creative experts, activist and teachers. Take class with Yao Cheng, Lisa Congdon, and Marly Bird just to name a few.

A subscription with Creativebug gives you lots of room to grow. Start with sewing classes for beginners, or learn a foundational skill like how to sew zippers. Or if you are more interested in designing fabric, they’ve got you covered on that too. Added bonus, Creativebug gives a percentage of each subscription to nonprofit focused on arts education. Subscriptions start at $7.97/month with options for annual billing to save some money.

Sew Over It Stitch School

Sew Over It

Sew Over it Stitch School is committed to teaching as many people as possible how to sew. Founder Lisa Comfort founded the site in response to her gut feeling that sewing was becoming a lost art. Well, one happy result of the COVID pandemic is a new interest in the skill. Hooray for silver linings!

The team adds new sewing classes every month, posts tutorials for specific skills and offers pattern tips and tricks – along with their own patterns. You can choose a project class for a smaller, fun option to test your skill, or a classic course that guides you from choosing a fabric to putting the finishing touches on your make. Sew Over It is London based so their £45.00 fee for the first 3 month of your subscription comes out to about $61.15 USD. After the 3 month charge the subscription moves to once a month charges of £15 or $20.38 USD. Check out their free classes for a sample or two.



Seamwork focuses on the adventure of making your own clothes. Yep, that’s right, all sewing classes on this site. The Seamwork subscription includes patterns, classes and a community to help you make your own clothes whether you are just starting out or refining your skills. You can check out their podcast or social media to get in an idea of their approach and once you’re ready to go, subscriptions start as low a $4.83/month and go up to $15/month.

Local Community Colleges & Continuing Education

San Diego Continuing Education

Local schools are going virtual so check our the options near you. For local in the Southern California area, the San Diego Community College and San Diego Continuing Education offer great sewing classes at affordable prices. The classes have moved online to accommodate social distancing so now you get access to the same great teachers and curriculum without the commute. Check out San Diego Community College , San Diego Continuing Education’s Clothing and Textile Arts Information Center or your local equivalent.

Sewing Classes Near Me: Local Sewing Stores & Sewing Teachers

Sewing Machines Plus Store

If you are looking for “sewing classes near me” you are in luck. Many local stores and instructors that usually offer in-person classes have jumped into virtual mode. So if you’ve been wanting to take a local class with teachers from your own community, check out their website to see if you can take the class online. Sewing Machines Plus is the largest online sewing machine retailer but they also have local stores in Southern California where they regularly host classes in person. If you’ve been wanting to take class in their San Marcos or Mission Bay locations, check out their site for Zoom classes. Their calendar of classes is available here. If you’re not in SoCal, check the website for your local stores and teachers.

Sew-lebrity Experts

Claudia's Creations

With all the new online options this is the chance to take a “local class” with a teacher or expert you love even if they are not local to you. In general, this is for more experienced sewers that are refining a skill and want to work with a particular expert to learn more about her or his approach or style.

If you’ve been sewing for a while and you have a favorite “sewlebrity,” check their website site for a calendar to see if they are offering virtual classes. You can find amazing options like this quilting class with Claudia Dinnell of Claudia’s Creations. This is especially cool because these classes tend to be more interactive (vs watching videos on your own). My mom signed up for this class as soon as it was available! Before, she would have planned a costly, out-of-state, in-person trip to attend one of Claudia’s classes. Now she’s taking the class right from her own living room.



If you want to skip the coursework and watch sewing videos on YouTube, there is no shortage of great material for you. (See what I did there with material. So punny right.) There is so much to check out on Youtube that we plan to write an entire separate post on it. Here are some great ones to get you started.

  • Anita by Design – Anita offers detailed sewing tutorials and sew-along videos for beginners. She clearly love what she does.
  • Emerald Erin Sew – Erin sews bras and swimwear and posts tutorials for both. Try not to get distracted by the gorgeous laces fabrics…
  • The English Tailor – Micheal teaches how to sew garments like the industry professionals, on a domestic machine.
  • With Wendy – Wendy’s is funny and inspiring. She takes on sewing challenges every week and documents the whole thing.
  • Made to Sew – Aneka teaches sewing and dressmaking techniques.
  • Professor Pincushion – learn sewing fundamentals, hand sewing, garment construction, quilting, and more with step by step tutorials.
  • Sew Me Something – Learn from an award winning sewing studio! Classes for total beginners to advanced pattern-cutting.
  • Stitch Sisters – Fun and informative videos on sewing, DIY fashion, current trends and vintage styles by besties Rachel and Nikki.

Sewing Machines Manufacturers

Brother Sewing Machines Site

The major sewing machine brands often offer classes on their website. So, if you just got a new sewing machine, don’t forget to check out the manufacturer’s website to see if they included some handy videos to get you started with your new sewing machine.

Happy Sewing!

Not sure where to start? Here are some Sewing Classes near you

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