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Sewing Business: The Blue Moose by Jes Weber

Sewing is a passion, a valuable skill and means of creative expression. Sounds like the making of a satisfying business or side hustle!

In our Sewing Inspiration series, we chat with different owners about their sewing businesses and how they’ve found a way to blend sewing into work that they love. Learn about their inspirations, insights and more.

Today, it’s all about Jes Weber, owner and creative mind behind The Blue Moose. She’s a one-woman-show that designs, makes and sells beautiful children’s clothes (including a clever “grow with me” pants style for toddlers) among other items. We love that she has a sustainable approach, with a focus on making long lasting pieces.

Sewing Business The Blue Moose
Jes Weber, The Blue Moose

Hi Jes!

How did you first gets started sewing?

My grandmother taught the basics of sewing as a child, though I didn’t carry it with me into adulthood. When I had my first child and wanted to start making him clothing and kind of dove in head first. I fell in love with garment making and have sewn nearly every day since!

What was the path to creating your sewing business, The Blue Moose?

The Blue Moose started as a graphic tee shop and I added sewn pieces about a year later. Now most of what I make are sewn pieces, and have since added handmade wooden toys and learning tools. I’ve never liked much of the fast fashion options for children and strive to offer stuff that lasts longer, with looks I love, in sizes that fit any body type.

Where do you look for sewing inspiration?

My inspiration frequently comes from my children and their interests, imaginations, and needs. My 5 year old frequently helps me pick out prints and requests themes or specific dress up pieces, and his choices are always the biggest hits with my customers!

What is your advice to a beginner sewist?

My advice to beginning sewists would be to just keep at it. When I look back at my first pieces, they were flawed and I made a lot of mistakes, but I improved and figured things out with each new thing I made. Start small and simple with things like leggings and tees and learn as you go. Youtube tutorials are the best free resource!

What is your favorite thing to sew/make?

My favorite things to make are my dress up pieces. I love the challenge of figuring out how to represent a favorite character in a comfy, every day wearable piece.

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Jes Weber is the the owner and creator at The Blue Moose ( and from Western NY. She’s a mom to two fantastic kids and is endlessly grateful to have made employment for herself that allows her to work from home around their schedule.

Want some more inspiration? Head over to The Blue Moose to learn more about Jes’ creations or check out more of our Sewing Inspiration series for more about sewing business.

Happy sewing.

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