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Sewing Business: Pipevine Designs by Danielle and Kenzie

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In our Sewing Inspiration series, we chat with an owner about his or her sewing business and how they’ve found a way to blend sewing into work that they love. Learn about their inspirations, insights and more.

Today, it’s all about Danielle and Kenzie, the mother-daughter creative team behind Pipevine Designs. Together, they design, make and sell scrunchies, headbands and scARFs (dog bandanas). Danielle has years of sewing experience so when her daughter Kenzie expressed an interest in sewing and launching a business, Danielle jumped right in and helped bring that vision to life.

We love the entrepreneurial fire of Miss Kenzie and how obvious it is that this sewing business (and everything they make) is created with love.

Sewing Business Pipevine Designs

How did you first get started sewing?

Danielle: I needed things for our home that I couldn’t find in the store and decided to make them myself. My first project was creating a dog bed with matching stripes, and an invisible zipper. I spent so much time on it and I was so proud of it. Even though the dog ate it, it lit a fire for sewing I never knew I had.

I ventured into a few indie sewing pattern groups and fabric company groups, on Facebook, and it was the veritable rabbit hole scenario. I struggled to find clothing that fit myself and my children properly in the store, and sewing things that actually did fit, was a huge draw. I am self taught by reading books and my sewing machine manual, watching YouTube tutorials, and participating in sew alongs on Facebook. I then started testing patterns for an Indie designer and that experience increased my knowledge immensely.

Kenzie: I wanted an apron for cooking and asked my Mom to teach me to sew and help me make it. We went through her fabric scraps and picked out a bunch of different pieces, that we pieced together like a quilt, to make it.

What was the path to creating your sewing business?

Danielle: My daughter (who just turned 10) asked me to teach her to sew a few years back and as we did things together she brought up the idea of us starting a business. My husband and I discussed it and after a lot of research, practice sewing, and fabric sourcing, we decided to go for it last year. We currently sell twist/faux knot headbands, scrunchies, and scARFS (super soft dog bandanas).

Kenzie: I wanted to earn money to save for a dog and a car when I got older. Plus I thought it would be fun to have a business with my Mom.

Where do you look for sewing inspiration?

Danielle: My sewing inspiration comes from all over. Sometimes a fabric will spark an idea when I see it, or feel it. Other times I will scroll Pinterest and find things I love. I have not gone clothes shopping for years, but I used to try on things I liked and would get frustrated they wouldn’t fit right, and come home and find a similar sewing pattern and hack it. I also love details in my sewing! So a fun sleeve will inspire me, or a lace inset, buttons, etc. I just love those details.

Kenzie: My Mom ???

What is your advice to a beginner sewist?

Danielle: Don’t be afraid to try new fabric and patterns! Sewing is such a learning experience and everything you try just lets you grow. You will make mistakes, we all do, but each mistake is a lesson and more often than not, you will surprise yourself. It feels so amazing to look at something you just did for the first time and say, I made that!

Kenzie: Practice, practice, practice.

What is your favorite thing to sew/make?

Danielle: I love sewing myself clothes. All different kinds of clothing garments. I love the process of seeing or having an idea and taking that all the way through to wearing it and having a custom fit item, just for me, in my closet.

Kenzie: I love using my Mom’s fabric scraps to sew clothes for my stuffed animals and sometimes for my brother’s animals too.

More from Danielle and Kenzie: We are Kenzie (Daughter) and Danielle (Mother), the duo behind Pipevine Designs. I (Danielle) have been sewing for several years and I mostly sew clothing for myself and my family. Sewing is my happy place and it has been such a wonderful opportunity teaching Kenzie the past year. Kenzie has a strong entrepreneurial drive and loves to match with me. So when she asked if we could sew up some headbands, and then scrunchies, and then came up with the idea to start a business (to earn money for a dog and a car), we decided to go for it. I (Kenzie) LOVE animals AND sewing with my Mom!

Thank you for checking out our latest sewing spotlight! For more sewing business insights, please check out the rest of our Sewing Inspiration series.

And, as always, happy sewing!

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