Machine Service and Repair

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Tips from the Techs

Preparing to Have Your Machine Serviced

When preparing to have your machine serviced, please bring in the following items:  bobbin case (case for sewing and/or embroidery), zigzag all-purpose foot, zigzag needle plate, embroidery foot, embroidery unit, hoop, foot control, and power cord.

Use Proper Thread Guides.

Makeshift thread guides can break off and fall into the bottom of the machine and potentially short out the electronics.  Investing in a thread stand with a metal base would be a preferred option and a less expensive route in the long run. 

Perfect Tensions Every Time!

For sewing and embroidery combo machine owners-if you have two bobbin cases with your machine, set the tension on one for standard sewing and set the other for custom embroidery, quilting, décor thread work. This will give you perfect tensions every time without adjusting for the different techniques.  And if you don’t have a second bobbin case, purchasing one would be a good choice. 

Machine Electrical Cord Care

Do not twist to make the cord shorter, it can break the wires inside and cause an electrical short. Instead wind the cord back and forth and use Velcro wraps that can be purchased at the nearest office supply store or even cheaper, bread ties! 

Machines Exposed to Smoke from a Fire

Machines exposed to smoke from a fire, even if it was in another room in the house, should be brought in for immediate attention. The smoke can be very corrosive and caustic to the machine and if it is left for any length of time the machine will be rendered worthless.