Have It Your Way Tote

Date:  March 9, 2018:  10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Cost to Attend:  $30 plus supplies
Instructor: Sue 

The title of this pack says it all! Outer pocket with zippered compartment? Inner pockets for items that tend to “sink” to the bottom of the bag? Inner large zippered compartment that splits the inside into two sections? All or none of the above? Have it your way!
This design pack (6x10 hoop required) provides 6 design files to create all of the above-mentioned features. The bag itself (9½”x12”x4½”) features front and lining fabrics and dense fleece batting along with various decorative “quilting” motifs. The front, back, sides, and bottom are created and connected entirely in the hoop, and at that point the side seams are completed with traditional sewing to make the bag  3-dimensional; all the inner seams are finished in the hoop with an  overcast edge. The optional compartments are also created and  attached in the hoop, with the exception of the large inside zippered compartment, which is attached when the final side seams are sewn. This class will get you started to complete your project at home.