Edge to Edge Embroidery Quilting

Instructor: Tracy
Date:  October 21, 2017:  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost to Attend:  $30 + Book, CD & Supplies

If you’ve ever wanted to finish a quilt quickly, make a quilt completely on your own, or see what else you can do with your embroidery machine, then you’ll love this book. The Easy-Connect Quilting files and technique allow you to use your home embroidery machine to get quilting results like you’d see from a long-arm quilter. Edge-to-Edge Quilting on Your Embroidery Machine includes instructions for the Easy-Connect Quilting technique, the embroidery files needed to stitch out 10 quilting designs, and the Baby Sew Fast quilt pattern -- a project that’s a great size for perfecting technique.  One 4-hour class. $30 + Book & CD + Supplies.

All files are available in three sizes. The actual size for each design will vary, but for each size, the designs will be no larger than: 

Small -- 5.6” x 9.9”
Medium -- 6.7” x 11.7”
Large -- 7.8” x 13.8”

Supply List Below: