Brother SE600 Embroidery Machine Review

Brother SE600 Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Brother’s SE600 is one of the most popular machines on the market. But does it deserve all of the hype surrounding it? We’ve researched everything you need to know about the Brother SE600 so you can decide whether it is the best machine for you.

The main draw? It’s a great machine to learn embroidery at an entry-level price. So, if you are looking for an affordable embroidery machine that is highly versatile and easy to use, the Brother SE600 is a must-see.

A suitable machine for all abilities, the Brother SE600 is a combo machine meaning that it is capable of a variety of different crafts such as sewing, embroidering and quilting. You can make a variety of projects from clothing to home projects and work with a lot of different materials.

In this article, we’ll be running through all of the important information that you should consider before making your final decision. 

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

What is So Special about the Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine?

The Brother SE600 Sewing Machine is a combo machine that allows the avid crafter to explore a wide range of different techniques from sewing to embroidery to quilting.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s never used a sewing machine before or are an avid crafter who is looking to diversify, the Brother SE600 is certainly a machine that deserves serious consideration.

If you’re wanting to learn a range of skills, this is definitely a fantastic machine to look at because you won’t have to worry about buying separate machines for sewing and embroidery. 

The Brother SE600 has 80 built in designs as well 6 embroidery lettering fonts which is perfect for personalizing and monogramming projects. Ideal for small business owners who have a lot of mass projects and need to work to deadlines as well as leisurely sewers who want to learn about embroidery and how to do simple or complex designs on your sewing projects.

It also has 103 built in sewing stitches which includes 10 styles of auto size buttonholes making it perfect for customizing a wide range of different projects whether you are making clothing or items for the home. 

Advantages of the Brother SE600

As you can imagine, the Brother SE600 has a wide array of features that are important to note before you buy.

Arguably, the most appealing thing is the price point. Embroidery machines generally cost a pretty penny. The Brother SE600 is a great option at an entry-level price. This makes it a great choice to learn with and explore the art of embroidery without breaking the bank.

An extremely advantageous machine, this machine not only allows you to apply lots of different techniques but you can preview and edit your own embroidery designs via the LCD touchscreen before you start stitching to ensure that the size and stitch type is correct.

The machine has a USB port so you can import additional designs and save it in the machine’s built in memory. You can also purchase digitizing software separately that allows you to create completely new designs (like custom logos) and then upload to your sewing machine via the same USM port.

The Brother SE600 comes with a wide range of embroidery designs meaning that you’ll have plenty to work with without having to purchase or design anything else.

Incredibly easy to set up and use, this machine has an automatic needle threader that pushes the thread through the needle and the drop in top bobbin is jam resistant so you don’t need to worry about the thread getting tangled whilst setting up.

With a clear and detailed instruction manual, you’ll be able to get the machine up and running before you know it. The automatic reinforcing stitches and automatic thread cutting puts your mind at ease and means that you can focus on the sewing itself. 

The maximum sewing speed of 710 stitches per minute is a lot higher than the average maximum sewing speed of 300-400 stitches per minute making it perfect for more advanced sewers and business owners who consistently work on large projects and have to complete the order to a deadline.

For beginners, you can go at a slow speed while you get used to the machine and how it works and you’ll find yourself naturally sewing faster when your skill set is more advanced and you feel more confident and comfortable with the machine.

There is a sliding controller to maintain your speed and the machine also has a start/stop button that avoids using the foot pedal when you’re not using it.

Disadvantages of the Brother SE600

There are a couple of disadvantages to the Brother SE600 that are important to bear in mind when you’re doing your research with the main one being that the embroidery field is fairly small when compared to other Brother models.

This isn’t too much of a problem for most sewers because it allows for creative designs and monogramming. However, if you want a machine with a lot more focus on embroidery with larger designs then another machine will be better suited for you.

The second disadvantage is that the Brother SE600 does not come with a hard case so bear in mind that if you plan to travel with the machine then you will either have to invest in a hard case or make sure that it is completely protected. 

Who is the Brother SE600 For?

The great thing about the Brother SE600 is its versatility and accessibility to crafters of all abilities. Whether you’re a beginner who is wanting a machine that will see you through your whole crafting journey or an avid sewer who is looking for an upgrade with plenty of choice, the SE600 is a solid choice that will assist in expanding your skill set.

If you’re a beginner then be sure to read the instruction manual thoroughly when initially setting it up. Not only will this reduce the risk of any mistakes but it will also help you to familiarize yourself with the machine and how its mechanisms work. This is hugely important as the knowledge will come in handy should you face any technical issues further down the line. 

As the SE600 is a combo machine, it’s often seen as intimidating for the beginner, however, the fact that it is a combo machine only means that there is more scope that you can cover and you’ll find that your skill set will end up more varied than those who have a sewing machine only.

As well as the instruction manual, you can also look up videos on Youtube and the (super informative) Brother website that can help you if you are a more visual learner. The instruction manual does come with diagrams that clearly show you how to set it up and how to use the machine as well as additional information on how to use the various features and maintain the model.

An updated version of the Brother SE400, there are a lot of improvements that were made when designing and manufacturing the SE600. The SE600 boasts a larger LCD touchscreen that has a color display so you can see a more realistic interpretation of your designs.

The USB port is the biggest draw when it comes to the SE600 as compared to the SE400, as it allows you to transfer your previous designs to the machine and will save them in its memory.

The increased number of sewing stitches, embroidery designs and lettering fonts also mean that you have endless possibilities and a wider range of projects that you can work from. For the experienced crafter, there is plenty of opportunity to expand your skill set even further. 

What Fabrics Can be Used with the Brother SE600?

Another great factor about the Brother SE600 machine is that it can cater to a wide range of fabrics varying from thin to heavy with little fuss. For thin fabrics, you can use georgette, challis, satin and lawn.

For medium weight fabrics you can use taffeta and flannel and heavy weighted fabrics such as corduroy, denim and tweed. As well as still fabrics, the SE600 is also capable of sewing on stretch fabrics like jersey and tricot as well as fabrics that fray. 

If you’re unfamiliar with working with different fabrics, do not worry! The instruction manual has all the information when it comes to the needle size and thread that you will need for every kind of fabric. If you’re still unsure, there are plenty of forums and discussions online that you can query where advanced sewers can give more experienced and expert advice. 

It’s important to make sure you are using the correct equipment for the fabric rather than what is just provided because using the wrong needle and thread can cause damage to the project as well to your equipment and possibly the machine itself.

When working with thicker fabrics, you must ensure that you are using the appropriate needles with durable thread otherwise your needles can break.

Is the Brother SE600 Easy to Use?

The Brother SE600 is a fantastic option for sewing beginners, including experienced sewers that are new to embroidery.

For beginners without much machine experience at all, it is a great machine to get familiar with a wide variety of techniques and skills that you wouldn’t get from a non-combo machine.

Advanced users will find it easy to adapt to as it runs smoothly and similarly to any other machine but with added features that will make it even more exciting as you choose from the wide selection of designs and stitches. 

The touchscreen color display is 3.2 inches which is fairly large therefore allowing you to see your design clearly and realistically before you even begin to sew. Perfectly easy to use and fantastic for those who want to test their own creativity, the SE600 will see you through an array of personalized projects whether it is for clothing or the home.

When you switch from sewing to embroidery, the computer does it for you so you needn’t worry about constantly checking what mode the machine is in for extra convenience. 

For those who love to embroider, you can use the built in color palette to change the thread colors, preview it on the screen and see how it looks before using it. This will save time and money as you won’t have to worry about sourcing replacements should it not look the way you envisioned. 

As mentioned earlier in this guide, this machine has an automatic needle threader and a jam resistant drop in tin bobbin meaning that the machine is easy thread and set up without worrying about the threads getting tangled or messed up. For those who are unfamiliar with the structure of the machine and how to set it up, there are clearly signs on the machine itself indicating where to need to guide the thread.

When you have finished sewing, you can simply press the thread cutter button which cuts the threads and raises the needle automatically so you needn’t worry about making sure your project is safe to move. 

The online display panel isn’t just for previewing designs before sewing, you can also check up on the status of various features on the machine. You can view instructions on the bobbin winding and installation, needle or presser foot replacement, unit attachments, upper threading, embroider foot and the frame.

If you’re unsure on how to use a certain part of the machine and don’t want to rush through the manual frantically, you can access the instructions with the simple touch on the screen.

The Finishing Touch (a.k.a Our Final Thoughts)

In conclusion, the Brother SE600 is an awesome machine for crafters of any ability who are looking to expand their skill set into embroidery.

It’s a machine that can see you through your whole crafting career as it is capable of carrying out a variety of different projects thanks to its ability to work with the majority of fabrics from thin to heavy weight.

Brother is one of the top selling sewing machine brands – known and loved by sewists everywhere. The SE600 comes with a 25 year warranty so you can be assured that it will last a long time. Brother also provides a technical support team that are more than happy to help with any questions and queries you may have. 

As one of the most popular and highly reviewed sewing machines on the market, it’s always best to look into what it is about the Brother SE600 that is so appealing and whether it does actually live up to its hype. To answer the question of this guide, yes it absolutely does deserve the fame it gets because of its versatility, accessibility and ease of use and maintenance – all at a reasonable price point.

Happy embroidering!

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