Brother Project Runway CS5055 Sewing Machine Review

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Review: Worth all the Fame?

If you’ve gotten addicted to Project Runway like we have, I bet you’ve asked yourself if you could design and make your own high fashion garments just like the stars of the show. Well, you definitely can! And Brother is trying to make it easy to get started with their Project Runway Edition CS5055PRW sewing machine.

As the exclusive sewing licensee of the Emmy winning competition series, Brother made a whole line of sewing machines for fans of the show and aspiring makers. The CS5055PRW is awesome because it is built with the aspiring designer in mind – it’s easy to use, provides a smooth sewing experience, and has lots of features to create and customize fashionable garments.

We love this computerized machine and even featured it as our best machine for beginners in our roundup of best sewing machines in 2021. It is lightweight, has everything you need for garment creation and importantly, comes at an affordable price.

Whether you prefer the original cast or the new ensemble, it’s so fun to watch the competitors of Project Runway whip up beautiful and creative designs on the fly. Let’s take a look at the CS5055PRW and see if Brother has what you are looking for to get started with your own designs too.

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW


  • Dimensions: 19.48” x 10.75” x 15.96”
  • Weight: 10.14 lbs
  • Power Source: Treadle Power
  • Stitches: 50 Built-in Stitches
  • Material Construction: Metal 
  • Included Accessories: 7 sewing feet, 3 piece needle set, twin needle, quick start guide, and operation manual 

The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW is an affordable and versatile sewing machine that achieves professional standard results. Using this machine you can enjoy effortless sewing with a range of fabrics.

Setting up the machine is a breeze so you can begin sewing almost immediately. As a computerized sewing machine packed with an array of features, it caters to the capabilities of advanced sewists whilst remaining easy to use for those who are new to the craft.

The Features

Automatic Threading and Drop-in Top Bobbin

These are two features that are helpful for beginners and often become “must have” conveniences for more experienced sewing artists.

The automatic threading function on the CS5055PRW, means the machine will pretty much thread the needle for you. This is much easier than manually trying to place the thread through the eye of the needle. Many owners of the CS5055PRW LOVE this particular threader and others say it is not as easy to use as it could be. You’ll have to try it and see what you think. We like it.

The bobbin winder is situated at the top of the machine. Simply drop the bobbin in before pulling the thread through the slot and beginning to sew. Upon doing so, the bobbin will remain secured in place offering reliable stitching results and ease of use. Top bobbins are typically considered more user friendly beginners so we are glad to see it on this machine.

Built-in Stitches and Stitch Chart

The CS5055PRW offers a selection of stitching patterns with a total of 50 built-in stitches and 87 stitch functions including garment, quilting, decorative, and heirloom stitch functions. The choice of different stitch patterns allows you to choose according to your design.

Once you have selected a stitch pattern it can then be adjusted to ensure that the needles are positioned correctly to create the design. On the body of the machine, there is a panel that displays each of the stitch patterns in an easy-to-read chart.

Using the push buttons you can select the desired stitch function and the one that you have chosen will then be displayed on the LCD screen.

Not only is this a convenient feature but it also makes the machine easy to use as each of the patterns correlates to a number making it easy to identify which one you have selected.

For beginners who are unfamiliar with using a sewing machine, this is going to be a helpful addition. 

5 Autosize Buttonholes

Thanks to the 5 built-in auto-size buttonholes you can add perfectly neat buttonholes to your projects.

They are also automatically sized to suit specific types of buttons. This feature allows you to add detailing to your project whether this is a coat or pillowcase.

The markings on the buttonhole will identify the points of the fabric where the buttons are going to be. Once you have finished your project it will then shine with professional appeal while showcasing your attention to detail. 

Feed System

The CS5055PRWsewing machine has an impressive feed system with 7 point feed dogs. As such, neater and more uniform stitching will be achieved.

The quality of the feed system also offers the freedom to experiment with thicker or tricky-to-use materials once you feel more confident and experienced.

Sewing Feet

The CS5055PRW model also comes with an assortment of sewing feet including an overcasting foot, monogramming foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot.

As such you can select the best foot that is going to add the detailing to your project that you desire. For example, you can use the zipper foot and zipper stitch pattern to ensure that the stitching close to the edge of the fabric is neat and suitable for adding a zip fastening.

Using the overcasting foot, your project will be finished with clean edges. Simply select the foot that is going to create the finished result that you desire. 

LCD Display

The panel of the CS5055PRW incorporates a LCD display. This screen displays the following: the chosen stitch pattern, the length, and width of the stitch, and the appropriate foot to use to achieve the best stitching results.

Just below this screen, you will find the push buttons that are used to select the stitch patterns. This LCD display is likely to be an appreciated feature for beginners in particular because they can see what features are set. 

Free Arm Attachment

The CS5055PRW’s free arm lets you sew cuffs, sleeves and the hem of skinnies with ease.

By removing the accessory tray, you then have more room between the arm and base of the machine to move the fabric freely.

It is also helpful when creating pretty much any narrow, cylindrical item such as trouser legs and children’s clothes because you aren’t restricted by a larger base.

LED Lit Work Area

This sewing machine features an LED light that will illuminate your work area so you are provided with a clear guide of the lines and details that require stitching.

This is ideal for those who sew in a room with poor lighting or during the evenings when there is less visibility. Aside from this, it is also going to come in handy when sewing dark fabrics as you can see them more clearly. 

The Design

The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW is a professionally designed machine that is enclosed in a white casing with a clearly visible blue stitch chart. It is also compactly sized making it a practical addition to workspaces with limited room available.

Additionally, the size also makes it easier to store if you don’t want it on display constantly. Though it may be small it doesn’t compromise on the workspace that you are provided with. As such you can experiment and create a range of projects without restrictions. 

The Pros 

  • Suitability with a range of fabrics – Impressively, this machine has been designed to handle a range of fabrics of varying thicknesses. Although it isn’t categorized as a heavy-duty machine, it is capable of sewing multiple layers of fabric including denim and even leather. It is also suitable for larger projects. You aren’t limited to smaller crafts but you can work on larger projects and enjoy quilting too. 
  • Warranty – When you purchase this sewing machine you will be covered by a lengthy 25 year warranty. Should you experience any issues with the functionality of this machine or notice any errors that have left you dissatisfied with your purchase, Brother is going to be responsible for rectifying these problems. As such your machine will either be repaired, replaced or you may wish to receive a refund. 
  • Affordability – This sewing machine retails at an affordable price when compared to offerings from other brands. Despite being manufactured by a well-known brand and coming equipped with many useful features it retails below a $200 price point and because of this, it is going to be an ideal option for sewing enthusiasts on a budget. 
  • Weight – Weighing 10.14 Ibs this is a lightweight machine with a small footprint. Because of this, it is an ideal option for those seeking portability in their machine. Some may enjoy attending sewing classes and a lightweight machine is going to be much easier to transport to and from the location. This is further benefited by the convenient carry handle. 
  • Low Noise Output – For many, the noise produced by their sewing machine is a significant concern, particularly if it is going to be used in a shared setting where others may find high levels of noise disruptive. Even the quietest machines are going to produce a certain level of noise, however, the CS5055PRW is praised for being rather quiet when compared to most other units. 
  • Ease Of Use – Those that are unfamiliar with using a sewing machine will benefit from one that boasts an easy-to-use design and this unit does just that. The setup and go concept allows for easy use so you can begin sewing and creating your craft within minutes. If you do require additional assistance or you have any queries regarding certain features you are provided with a quick start guide and operational manual which will contain helpful information. 

The Cons

  • Dim LED Light – Although the LED light is an impressive feature, it is quite dim. For this reason, it may not provide as bright of illumination as some users would expect and so you may need to set up your sewing machine in a well-lit room so that you aren’t confronted with any challenges when working in poor visibility or dealing with darker fabrics. 
  • Minimal Storage – Unfortunately, this sewing machine comes with a small storage compartment, and although this is likely to be ample for accommodating the accessories that come with the machine, as your skill in the craft develops you may wish to branch out and purchase some additional accessories. Should you do so, you will likely find that this machine has an insufficient storage capacity to hold any extras. 
  • Difficulties Threading The Needle – Some customers have experienced issues when using the needle threader on this machine. Although it is an automatic feature, initially it can be a challenging to get the hang of it to use. All that means is you’ll need some practice and maybe watch some Youtube videos for a visual reference.

The Finishing Touch (a.k.a. Our Final Thoughts)

The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW is a fantastic option for beginners and advanced sewists alike.

It’s got all the features you need to create high fashion garments, worthy of competing in Project Runway! It’s a favorite of ours and we highly recommend it.

Happy sewing!

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