Brother PE770 Review

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Review

If you are want to get into machine embroidery you may start shopping around and find a lot of great options on resale sites like eBay and Craigslist. The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine should be a strong contender for consideration as it’s been popping up on a lot of different sites lately even though it is technically discontinued by Brother.

Buying a used or refurbished machine is a smart way to save money, especially if it’s your first machine or first time trying embroidery. That said, let’s take a look at our Brother PE770 review and see the pros and cons of going with this machine.

Brother PE770 Review – Short Overview

Since the Brother PE770 is an embroidery-only machine, it costs much less than its sewing-embroidery combination machine counterparts and competitors.

That being said, this embroidery machine is an excellent tool to start embroidering, with a variety of different  features and uses to make your embroidering so much easier. With the Brother PE770, you will be able to embroider countless designs, make your own, and really finetune your embroidering skills! 

The Brother PE770

What can you do with the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine?

With the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine, the options are limitless. With a 5 x 7 inch embroidering field, you will have ample space for embroidering larger designs, along with smaller, lettering projects. 

What is great about this embroidery machine is that you have 136 built in designs, along with 6 lettering fonts, 12 border styles, and 10 frame shapes. With so many to choose from, you can monogram small items, but also embroider elegant quilt patterns. 

Not only can you use the built in memory, but the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine offers users the opportunity to import their own designs from a USB memory stick, with its built in USB port.

You can also utilize this machine’s extensive design editing functions with flexible design editing features, mirror image and rotating functions and editable sizing for your designs so that you can make whatever you want to.

With an easy-to-use LED touchscreen, you have full control of your designs and can alter or change them to suit your needs perfectly. The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is so well-loved for its user-friendly automatic needle threading feature. 

This lets users simply thread the top thread and the bobbin, with an auto thread cutter for consistent and precise stitching. In addition, the Brother PE770’s quick-set bobbin means that you just have to pull the thread through and you are ready to go!

What is even better about this embroidery machine is that it has an embroidery card slot so that you have more flexibility when it comes to designs. This card can also be swapped out for other Brother embroidery cards, for more choice, but these have to be purchased separately.

The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine may be one of the most popular embroidery machines on the market due to its versatile nature and options for customization. With so many different designs to choose from, and the option to create your own, this machine will not limit your creativity in any way! 

The Brother PE770 embroidery machine will truly help you take your embroidery to the next level, with options for monogramming, lettering, multiple designs, and compatibility with various hoop sizes. 

What options are there for customization?

When using the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine for your designs, there are many ways that you can edit and modify the patterns to suit your requirements. For instance, if you need to, you can rotate your patterns 1, 10 or 90 degrees with the LCD touchscreen. 

This will help you fit and position your designs perfectly within the embroidery hoop, for more precise embroidering. In addition, you can also change the designs to fit different hoop sizes, fabrics, and customize them to your needs. 

With this machine, you can even flip patterns around to the mirror image for different effects and overall looks. With the LCD screen, you can view your basic design to see what it may look like when finished, so that you can make changes before beginning to embroider. 

As this embroidery machine has USB connectivity, you can also choose to use your computer to view or edit a design in detail before transferring to the Brother PE770 ready to work. 

What types of fabric is best for the Brother PE770?

With the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine, you can embroider a wide variety of different fabrics in any way that you like. That being said, this machine will not be able to embroider leather well as this is quite thick, and you may need a more powerful machine. 

However, regardless of what fabric you are using, you should always make use of a stabilizer on the top or the back of your pattern. With the help of a stabilizer, you will be able to embroider patterns onto many fabrics such as denim, fleece, or any light to medium weighted fabrics that can fit in the hoop.

Does the Brother PE770 come with embroidery hoops?

The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is equipped with so many features that can help you get started on your embroidery journey. Luckily, this also includes a 5 x 7 inch embroidery hoop to help keep your fabric in place and in the right position when embroidering.

How easy is it to set up the Brother PE770?

We love the Brother PE770 because it is so simple to use, and is easily accessible for beginners learning to embroider for the first time. The great thing about this embroidery machine is that it is very easy to set up, even for first time users.

The Brother PE770 comes with its own owner’s manual that offers clear advice and help with any part of the setting up process, and when you are using the machine.

Additionally, the instructions are very explicit and precise, which takes all of the guesswork out of setting up your new embroidery machine!

In addition to this, you can utilize the onscreen tutorials that are built in to the Brother PE770, and can be shown on its LCD screen to help you out. These tutorials can cover how to set up the top thread, the bobbin thread and how to insert various embroidery attachments if you are stuck. 

The Brother PE770 also has an LED light that can easily illuminate the working area of the machine which will be a huge help not only when you are embroidering your designs, but also when you are setting up the machine, you can see clearly. 

You can also utilize the automatic needle threader if this is too difficult for you, as it may be for some beginners, which is a huge help!

Despite the Brother PE770 having easy-to-follow instructions available, there are also a wide variety of different YouTube tutorials and videos to help you set it up. 

Are there special features for beginners?

As mentioned, we think that the Brother PE770 is an essential tool for beginners looking to start embroidering, and for more established embroiderers looking to up their game.

For both of these, there is a helpful speed slider on the machine in order to adjust the speed of the machine whilst it stitches. 

The maximum speed of this machine is 650 stitches per minute, however, when you slow this down, there is much less possibility of mistakes, which is a feature that will heavily benefit beginners. 

Can I sew with the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine?

Although the Brother PE770 has a wide range of uses when it comes to embroidery, you cannot actually use this machine for sewing. The Brother PE770 is an embroidery only machine and you will not be able to sew fabrics with it. 

If you do prefer to have the option of sewing and embroidering, then we could recommend that you purchase a machine that has both functions, such as the Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, or the Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine.

The Finishing Touch (a.k.a. Our Final Thoughts)

The Brother PE770 is a great choice to consider if you are looking to purchase a refurbished or gently used machine. The newer version is the Brother PE800 so you can probably find a good deal on the PE770 if you shop around.

We hope our Brother PE770 review has been helpful to you. It truly is a fantastic embroidery machine that both beginners and more experienced embroidery enthusiasts will enjoy.

Happy sewing!

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