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Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine Review

When it comes to choosing a sewing machine, you might find yourself overwhelmed. There are so many varieties available on the market – especially for beginners. Factors to consider include size, price, and whether it is manual or automated. Different machines will fulfill different purposes. For instance, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine can be quite useful for those learning to sew.adidas yeezy shoesadidas yeezy 350 boost v2 oreoadidas originals storeadidas yeezy sneakersadidas online storeadidas yeezy foam runner onyxadidas yeezy boostadidas yeezy 350 boostadidas yeezy slide storesadidas shoes on saleadidas coupon codeadidas shoes on saleadidas onlineadidas yeezy boost 350 v2 menswomens adidas ultra boostadidas saleadidas slides yeezyadidas shoesadidas yeezy 450adidas yeezysadidas yeezy womensadidas ultra boost saleadidas yeezy foam runneradidas yezzy boost 350 v2adidas shoe salesadidas originals storeadidas storeadidas yeezy boostadidas ultraboost 20 sneakers storesadidas yeezy womensbest adidas shoesadidas yeezy boost 350adidas yeezy 350 boost v2adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 shoes storesadidas yeezyadidas yeezy 350 boost v2adidas yeezy foamadidas yeezy boost 350 v2adidas shoes for menadidas storesadidas ultraboost shoes

The CS7000i is the newest release from Brother. Yet, it has already become a top contender among other sewing machines in the market.

Some sewing enthusiasts may be familiar with its predecessor, the Brother CS6000i. The CS7000i is a worthy upgrade. With features like that of its predecessor, the CS7000i model includes 10 additional stitches and one extra presser foot. While these features may not seem like much, they can be of great utility to some users.

To ensure customers satisfaction long after the sale, Brother provides impeccable after-sales service. They offer free technical support via live chat or call for the life of the machine. Additionally, users in the US can enjoy a warranty of 25 years with their purchase of the Brother CS7000i. 

Features of the Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine’s dimensions are 11.4” x 6.7” x 16.1” and it weighs about 13 pounds. So, it is quite small. As a result, it can be useful for those wanting a somewhat portable sewing machine.

The CS7000i has a stitch length and width of 5mm x 7mm. The machine also boasts a max sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. It comes with 70 built-in stitch options, 10 sewing feet, and a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. The LCD screen has dimensions of 2” x 7” which enables the user to select and view stitch options.

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine includes feed dogs with 6 points. Feed dogs are the movable plates that pull material through between stitches. A noteworthy feature is that these feed dogs do not need the covering of a darning plate when dropped.

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine comes with several attachments as well. Included with the machine are the instruction manual, power cord, and optional foot controller. Additionally, it includes a sturdy protective case and a detachable wide table. 

You can store the smaller attachments in the provided pouch. These extra items include: 

  • a needle set
  • twin needle
  • screwdriver
  • seam ripper
  • spool pin
  • eyelet punch
  • cleaning brush
  • three bobbins. 

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine has everything a beginner could need.

There are 70 stitch options on the Brother CS7000i sewing machine. This includes utility stitches, satin stitches, decorative stitches, heirloom stitches, and quilting stitches. Additionally, there are 7 buttonholes that can auto-size and an automatic needle threader.

Types of Presser Feet Included with the Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine

As mentioned before, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine comes with 10 presser feet. Each presser foot serves a specific purpose. These options can come in handy for a variety of different stitches.

Brother CS7000i
  • Zigzag Foot: This can create a straight or zigzag stitch. It has a wide opening, so a zigzag foot enables needles to move a little more from its sides. This is good for making decorative stitches.
  • Buttonhole Foot: This is to make auto-sized buttonholes. This enables the user to create holes in the fabric for the application of buttons.
  • Button Sewing Foot: With this foot, buttons can be sewn onto the fabric of your choosing. Additionally, users can also use a button sewing foot to fasten ribbons and trims. It also helps with stitch hooks and eye closures.
  • Zipper Foot: As suggested by its name, this can sew zippers on. Users may also be able to design and fix cording or piping onto fabrics using a zipper foot.
  • Overcasting Foot: This is also known as an overedge foot or overlocking foot. This foot can join overcasting stitches by enabling thread to go around the fabric. This prevents the fabric from unraveling.
  • Walking Foot: This is particularly useful for quilting. Or, when working with thicker materials, such as denim.
  • Spring Action Quilting Foot: This foot assists with free-motion quilting. Free-motion quilting is a style of quilting. It uses a special foot that can hover over the quilt, enabling the user to move it in all directions.
  • Blind Stitch Foot: Some stitches are not supposed to show on the outside of the fabric. The blind stitch foot makes this possible. These stitches are often referred to as hems.
  • Monogramming Foot: Despite its name, this foot does not allow for monogramming. Rather, it creates decorate stitches and designs. 
  • ¼” Piecing Foot: This foot can create ¼” seams, which is a standard quilting pattern.

The machine comes with many feet, yet it is compatible with any universal presser foot a user might want to use.

What Makes the Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine Great for Beginners?

The Brother CS7000i has many great features that make it great for beginners.

Brother CS7000i


The Brother CS7000i sewing machine is the sewing machine of the future! Its computerization allows users to navigate all the options available to them. The LCD screen shows all the stitches available and controls the stitch length and width. After selection, the screen shows the presser foot recommended for the stitch.

Brother CS7000i

As a beginner, users may be prone to making mistakes with their new sewing machine. In such cases, the LCD screen will also display error messages. These messages provide users with accurate information for fixing those specific problems.

Optional Foot Pedal

Over the years, traditional sewing machines have always included a foot pedal. But, the Brother CS7000i has an optional foot pedal, so it’s up to the user’s preference. The user can control the speed with a slider located on the front of the machine. Additionally, there are the start/stop, reverse, and needle up/down buttons.

Brother CS7000i

Built-In Free Arm

This sewing machine includes a built-in free arm. A feature found in other Brother sewing machines, the free arm helps to sew smaller items. This particular unit can also prove to be quite handy for users working in a dimly lit workspace. Those with poor vision will appreciate the dual light-emitting diode (LED) light.

Brother CS7000i


For portability, the size of the Brother CS7000i makes it easy to carry or move from one place to another. When used with its protective case, the machine stays safe no matter where you take it. The case can also protect the machine from becoming dusty while not in use for long periods of time.

Brother protective case

Easy Set-Up

Setting up the Brother CS7000i sewing machine does not require an experienced user. Users can set it up by reading and following the instruction manual, which is very detailed. Plus, users can find detailed visual instructions in the quick-start guide too. The machine itself also includes reminders engraved or stuck on the body in the form of stickers.

Fixing the bobbin is almost effortless. Place the top-drop, quick-set bobbin into the bobbin case. This is on the top of the sewing machine itself, from where the thread spools out. So, the user does not have to draw the thread up to start sewing.

Also, threading the needle is quite easy too. The instruction manual states to guide the thread through the thread guides and tension discs. The user should continue to do so until they get to the needle. However, the user must be cautious enough to thread with the presser foot up. Otherwise, they may create tension issues.

Problems Associated with The Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine (and potential solutions)

Despite its features and benefits, there are some drawbacks to this sewing machine. 

Inferior to a serger for overcasting

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine has an overcasting stitch and a presser foot. This creates a seam and finish fabric edges at the same time. Despite this, trimming edges with this machine is not as precise as it would be with a serger. A serger is a type of sewing machine that creates finished seams. Its accuracy and speed cannot compare to a serger as well. 

To combat the problem, users can buy the Brother side cutter foot. This is an accessory presser foot to trim fabric as you sew. For beginners, it can act as a replacement serger. However, although this accessory is not a necessity, it can bump up the cost of the sewing machine. 

Not suitable for thicker materials

If you are looking to sew thick fabrics such as leather and denim, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine will not be a suitable option. It is not a machine powerful enough to handle thick fabrics on a regular basis. But, by choosing the right needle type and thread weight, you can stitch denim and other thick fabric by layers. Keep in mind, this process is slow. So, you should opt for a heavier machine if you intend to work on thick fabrics on the regular. 

Automatic needle-threader

The major upsides of this machine also come with some minor downsides. Consumer feedback indicates that the automatic needle threader is not very well built. While this may seem to be a minor issue, it can still be inconvenient for some users. 

The Brother CS7000x sewing machine is an upgrade from the Brother CS7000i. The newer model combats the needle threader issue very well. The CS7000x also has a slightly lower rate of stitches per minute of 750 and is lighter.


The Brother CS7000i does not have a built-in font to enable users to monogram letters. The machine does come with a presser foot labeled as a monogramming foot. Yet, it only creates the decorative stitches programmed into the machine. This sewing machine is not equipped to allow design importing. 


The cost of the Brother CS7000i sewing machine may be too steep for those looking to upgrade. This is due to the slight upgrades it has from the previous model. The two machines are of similar shape and size with different color patterns. 

That said, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine has 70 stitches and 10 presser feet. This compares to 60 stitches and 9 presser feet on the Brother CS6000i sewing machine. The Brother CS7000i sewing machine boasts an extra ¼” presser foot. While new users may not mind paying a higher price for these features, users looking to upgrade may not need them. It is up to the user to determine whether these auxiliary features are worth the money.


Based on customer feedback, this machine may be disappointing to some. An experienced sewist might find themselves frustrated with this model. Even so, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine is of great value, especially for beginners.

Final Thoughts on the Brother CS7000i

All in all, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine can be a winner for beginners who are learning how to sew. Some experienced sewing machine users may find this machine is a great pick at a bargain price. Despite a few drawbacks, this is a good value-for-money choice in terms of price, portability, and the wide array of options it provides. Its predecessor CS6000i has been a best seller for quite some time so the CS7000i likely will be too.

Anyone looking for a new sewing machine could give the Brother CS7000i a try.

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