About Us

Welcome to Arlington Sew. We’re sew glad you’re here!

Arlington Sew helps you grow on your sewing journey. We provide beginner-friendly machine reviews, product recommendations and helpful resources to make it easy to get started.

So many of us have seen a beautiful dress, a handbag, curtains, a quilt (the examples are endless) and wondered if we too can make it. Well, you totally can! All you need are the right tools and a little direction. We’ll help you find the right ones for you so you can bring your visions to life.

Who We Are

We are fabric artists based in sunny San Diego. We see sewing, embroidery and quilting as self care, a way to de-stress, and of course, a creative outlet. Yes, sometimes you just need to hem a pair or jeans or shorten a curtain panel, but there truly are no limits when it comes to creativity with fabrics.

We like to say we are sewing through the madness! Currently, its COVID related social distancing. HOWEVER, it can be anything that makes you crave a little creative “me time” – early parenthood, being an empty nester for the first time, work stress…you get the idea. Sewing helps us preserve our sanity!

What We Do

When we first started learning to sew we were overwhelmed with the options. How do I know what sewing machine to use? What fabric to buy? What is interfacing? Do I really need it?

With Arlington Sew, we provide helpful resources to sewing artists and aspiring makers that make things easy. Easy to get started. Easy to choose the right equipment and supplies. Easy to develop advanced sewing skills.

When it’s easy, it’s more fun. When it’s more fun, it gets addicting. That’s when the fun really starts.

Jessa Jones

We share beginner-friendly sewing machine reviews, insights about classes and events, and information to help anyone interested in learning more about sewing, quilting and embroidery. Currently, we are focused on online and digital options to provide accesible resources that can be used and enjoyed even through pandemic-related social distancing.

Our People


Jessa Jones is a fourth generation seamstress with a focus on sustainability. She’s got a soft spot for creative upcycling projects, refashioned dresses and customized fashion.

When her daughter asked for sewing lessons, Jessa dusted off her old Singer Confidence and started learning – all over again. Jessa’s mom, grandmother, and great grandma are/were expert level seamstresses and Jessa is forever trying to catch up!


Sally Letters calls herself a self-taught, experimental sewist. When Sally sees something she likes, she tries to make it herself. This goes from home decor, to handbags to the most outrageous costumes for local events like Comic Con. She’s been sewing for almost two decades.

Sally is a graphic designer by day with a keen eye for design and putting together color pallets.

Whether you are just starting out or are far down the path, we hope you find something here to help you on your sewing journey. Our goal is to offer something for everyone that wants to inspire or be inspired with sewing.

Thanks for stopping by, and of course, happy sewing!

Jessa & Sally

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