About Us

Hi, I’m Jessica and welcome to Arlington Sew. We’re glad you’re here!

We like to say we are sewing our way through the madness! The pandemic madness at the moment, but really it can be anything hectic going on. And there is always something going on.

When the going gets tough, the tough whip out their scissors and needles and make something, anything, just give me a few minutes to get in my zone and sew!! Jokes aside, sewing is a means of self care, of artistic expression and fun. And yes, sometimes you just need to hem a pair of jeans.

My interest in sewing was renewed at the start of the pandemic lockdowns. But it’s been in the background of my life since the beginning. I come from a family of makers. My mom and grandma may call themselves sewers but I see them as artists.

The Famous Gowns

My mom. When most women get married, they enjoy their wedding dress one time. Maybe they preserve the dress. Maybe even sell it. Maybe they save it for their first born daughter (hint, hint). Nope, not my mom. She reimagined her ornate wedding dress as two tiny yet intricately beautiful baby gowns for my little sisters. Recover from childbirth? Ha! My mom got busy sewing those incredible gowns for the twins. And man were they gorgeous. These days she spends months at at time creating dazzling quilts.

My grandmother never had much money. But she had imagination, grace and style. She hand-made her own clothes and she always turned heads no matter where she went. Yes, she was/is gorgeous but the lady always looked polished too. And never left the house without red lipstick.

One of my sisters is a cricut wizard and the other is a makeup artist. Creativity and glamour does not even begin to describe those gals. Creative expression runs in the family.

Grandma Rosita

I’m not quite the expert they are (yet?) but I dabble in it all because what I love most is exploring artistic expression and learning from all the makers around me.

Throughout my life I’ve mostly turned to a needle and thread to make unique costumes. My sewing machine definitely gets the most use leading up to Halloween. I’m also a big fan of custom tailoring and upcycling. Nothing I purchase in the ready-to-wear world seems to fit me correctly. So my sewing machine has been a big help, mostly in waves.

During this COVID season, like so many others, I found myself turning to my sewing machine and fabrics quite often. I made masks. I mended things I might otherwise take to a tailor. With the help of my kiddos, we created bright, one-of-a-find items to mark birthdays and milestones that we found ourselves celebrating at home (again). I reupholstered furniture and made new throw pillows to spruce up the cozy spaces in our house that we find ourselves spending soooo much time in. And I’ve kinda become addicted to Making the Cut, Next in Fashion and reruns of Project Runway….#quarentinelife

Sewing has been a creative outlet for generations – one that I’ve grown up around and have always appreciated, even more so now. I think, with the pandemic, there is a renewed interested in the “practical arts” and I definitely fit into that mindset. Beside the sheer usefulness of sewing, some of the things I’ve seen in the quilting and DIY clothing communities are simply jaw dropping.

With Arlington Sew, my little team and I hope to provide a helpful resource to sewing artists and aspiring makers. I’m committed to sharing sewing machine reviews, insights about classes and events, and information to help anyone interesting in learning more about sewing, quilting and embroidery.

Whether you are just starting out on your sewing journey or are far down the path, I hope you find something here to inspire you. I write from the perspective of a “sewing student” and draw from the expertise of my mother with her years of deep sewing experience. My goal is to offer something for everyone that wants to inspire or be inspired with sewing. Feel free to get in touch with question or comments.

Happy Sewing!


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