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Latest in Sewing Resources

  • How to Sew a Hole: Easy 5 Steps
    Sewing a hole in a piece of clothing or fabric is a quick and easy way to make a repair. Mending helps prolong the life of garments and is an essential skill to have when you want to take a more sustainable approach to your wardrobe. It’s a skill that anyone can learn with a little practice. Here is how to sew a hole.
  • Get Started: Bra Making, A Simple Guide for Beginners
    We’re bringing you the information you need to get started on your lingerie-sewing journey with confidence. Everything from planning your first bra making project, to selecting a pattern, to gathering supplies is covered in this guide.
  • Get Started: How to Sew a Bag (Start Simple)
    Sewing bags is a great place for a beginner sewist to start. It doesn’t require the fitting and pattern alterations of clothing and there is a huge variety of patterns available. Plus, bags are fun to sew and useful!
  • Get Started: How to Sew a Dress & Patterns to Try
    Want to get started with how to sew a dress? This guide provides a simple and general overview of how to get started along with some patterns to try.

Latest in Sewing Inspiration

  • Sewing Business: Sarah Markos of Blue Susan Makes
    Here is the story of Sarah Markos of Blue Susan Makes. Sarah is a creative maker, author and Etsy shop owner. She tells us about her sewing journey and her business – you don’t want to miss this.
  • Sewing Business: June McCrary Jacobs
    June McCrary Jacobs is an award-winning fiction author and a sewing designer with over one hundred fifty-five original designs published in magazines, books, and on sewing industry blogs.
  • Sewing Business: You Made My Day Patterns by Amaia Arana
    “Sewlebrity” pattern maker doesn’t seem to do justice for Amaia Arana of You Made My Day Patterns. Check out Amaia’s story, learn about her fabulous sewing business and fire up your sewing machine.
  • Cricut Business: Chickiee Beans by Stephanie Haufsk
    Ever think about launching a Cricut business? Or using a Cricut in your sewing business? Learn how you can use a Circut to personalize garments – a fun way to support your sewing business.

Latest Sewing Machines Reviews

Latest Embroidery Machines Reviews

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